Oeuvrre- making memories you can touch

Welcome to Oeuvrre, a world where we convert your memories into cherishable things you can touch.

Yes, Oeuvrre captures your beautiful moments and memories and converts them into 3D Casts that take centre piece at your home, on you as miniature jewellery and on your walls as frames.

Each cast is detailed, finished with care and presented with the same love that you give the original.

Pregnant tummies, baby hands and feet, baby bums, paws of your furry babies, hands or feet of your parents, hands and feet of a bride as she leaves her maternal house; the list is endless, the emotions full-fledged and the feelings limitless.

Where photographs and paintings capture the essence of the moment; our 3D Casts give you the actual feel.

Finished with gold, silver or acrylic; these casts are unique and absolutely unforgettable.  Lasting a life time and more, Ouevrre products will be the talking point in your family for years to come.

The exercise of taking impressions, moulding, setting and casting is done under carefully controlled conditions. The material used is harmless and does not cause any irritation during casting. Careful consideration is given to the client’s requirements and by the end of the process, Oeuvre invariably becomes family.

Each of our clients is loved and a bond formed; because Oeuvrre is not about economics but about relationships.

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